Emile van Veen, author of MMORPG
Emile van Veen

Welcome to the website of Emile van Veen, author of MMORPG.

MMORPG is the sensational thriller that struck a raw nerve in many people's sense of security. Its release in March started heated discussions on forums, message boards and the media. Will you join the rollercoaster?

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- Review Top Secret Writers -
The novel is getting spectacular reviews and has boosted Emile van Veen to the status of International Novelist. [...] fiction and reality begin to mirror each other. However, the novel, as fictional as it is, has drawn the attention to the very real issue of terrorism.

- Review Singularity Hub -
His international bestseller is a Dan Brown-esque thriller wherein a duo of unlikely heroes must race against the clock to unveil a hidden terrorist plot centered around the use of a massively multiplayer online game.
- Review YouWriteOn -
It's really good, first class. I wasn't sure what to expect but as soon as I started reading, I was completely drawn into the story. The prologue is lovely [...] delicately done and the settings are described beautifully. It is extremely well written, the narrative is fluid and confident, and everything is interesting and appears relevant to the plot.

- Review Bailey's EZ Reader Picks -
The first thriller featuring an online game! [...] this chilling story explores the opportunities that social media networks like gaming platforms offer to terrorists. An absolute must-read!

- Review Smashwords -
I couldn't stop reading. I loved every single letter. This is a seriously good story. [...] the plot is a nice twist, didn't see it coming.